Client Feedback

Client Feedback

OMG – Stu – I just received them . . . I’m speechless.  These are far
more beautiful than I could have ever imagined… These are just gorgeous and you do absolutely beautiful work.  I can’t
wait to get the frames (this afternoon) and give them to [my friend] and her
family.  I’m sure they will be as speechless as I am right now.
Thank you so much – I’m sure I’ll be doing business with you again in
the future.  And I will be referring EVERYONE TO YOU!!! Take care and thanks again – you ROCK, lady!!!   P.D., New York  

I am so touched by your work and the way you memorialized Ali. You really did get a feel for Ali and her personality.  You truly are a wonderful person and possess a fantastic gift.  Thank you so much for sharing your talents with people whom have had a great loss in their lives.  Thank you so much,  J.C., Florida

I just wanted to let you know that my parents LOVE Chato’s memorial.  They said it is the most beautiful thing they have ever seen.  It brought tears to both of them.  🙂     R.C., California

The memorial is awesome (as I expected!).  I know my friend will really appreciate your efforts, I do.  Thanks so much!     A.T., Rhode Island

Stuart, I got it yesterday.  Everyone thinks its beautiful.  I’m going to look for the perfect frame today. Thank you for all your hard work.     A.H., Pennsylvania
Package arrived today….just gorgeous. The proof really doesn’t do it justice!
Thank you so much, Stuart…..of course it brought tears to my eyes; I wanted to reach out and pet her again. I know that her foster family and the folks at the shelter …, who all worked so hard to give her a chance, will be deeply moved by your work. … Thank you!     J.S., Texas

The print arrived today in good condition.  It’s beautiful and we already have it in a frame and ready for hanging.  You did a fabulous job.
I’m sorry we had to meet under these conditions but I’m glad there is someone like you out there to help those folks who lose their fur babies.
Our best to you, K.C. & Family, Kentucky

Hi there.    Wanted to let you know I got the montage today.  It is perfect. My
husband is equally impressed.  Thank you so much for all your hard work and patience!
  You do amazing work!  Take care and thanks again!    K.E.,

i just want to thank you so much for the memorial. i love it ! it came out much better
than i could have imagined. your work is great!   thanks again,    A.S.,
Absolutely beautiful!!!!  Thank you thank you thank you!  … Thank you so much
Stu for all the work that you do and putting so much genuine love and care into your work.
 It means a great deal to many, I am sure.   I hope you have a wonderful
Holiday Season and a Peaceful New Year.  I hope to not need your services again any
time soon, but at least I know that if I do I will be very well cared for.    All my best,     S.R., Maryland 

Hi Stu, … Dad thought it was the best present he had ever
received. Thank you for putting the time and effort into it.    M.R., North

I received the memorials in the mail yesterday.  They look so beautiful.  I framed them already. My Mom cried when she read them and my Dad kissed the pictures.  Thanks again for your hard work.  I am so glad I found you on the Internet providing this fantastic service.  Thanks again.  D.P., New Jersey

Stuart, You do some amazing work. This looks great … Again, thanks a bunch.
[My friend] is going to love this!!       L.C., Texas

Stuart,  Once again, you have exceeded our expectations. The time and effort put in
to this project is outstanding. In these days when "customer service" seems to
be a thing of the past, you bring a whole new meaning to the phrase. Especially when you
don’t even have a "face to face" business. If we can ever be used as a
reference, please feel free. Thanks again.    D.J., Colorado

I received [the memorial] in the mail yesterday. Great job!!!! Thank you so much again,
and thanks for the magnets. C.Z., Indiana

Thank you, I’m sitting here in tears your design is beautiful… I’m looking forward
to hanging it up in my home. I’m
impressed with what you have done with such a small picture.         K.H., Massachusetts

Hi Stu,  I wanted to send you a note thanking you for your excellent work on [the]
two memorials.  Sorry it has taken me 2 weeks to write after receiving them!  
Both are entirely beautiful, you have captured his] spirit and soul – just the way we
shall forever remember him.  Besides [my husband] and me and my Mom and brother, our
family and friends are moved by your creations!  The captivity of words cannot
adequately express our appreciation for creating these masterpieces for us!   

Many thanks for your efforts!  Best regards,    S.S., Pennsylvania

Thank you Stuart..your professionalism more than outweighs any synaptical slipups along
the has been a pleasure.. Brightest blessings to you…
K.T., Oklahoma

Hello, We received the photos today and we are both very pleased. It is just like [our
dog] standing there. Thanks so much.     D.D., Texas

Stuart,   We received the Montage a couple of days ago and it looks great. Thank
you for all your hard work and organizing it. We really love the way it turned out.
…Thanks again, it looks great.      K.C., California

Stuart –  I am 100% satisfied with the final product. The changes in the fading and
especially having the [special text] portion stand out are great … I’m glad I stumbled
across you online. This memorial design will mean a lot to our family for a long
time.    Thanks again, S.L., Pennsylvania

Stuart, Go ahead and finish it, it’s beautiful!! I’ve told several people about you and
will show them [my pet’s] memorial. One of my cubical walls at work is covered with
pictures of pets of my coworkers (from a snake to a pigmy horse). I hope I can generate
some business for you; I’ve never seen anything like it or as beautiful before!
         C.K., Wisconsin

Thanks again for the wonderful picture. … I received it in the mail today. Thanks for
doing such a great job. I’ll tell all my friends about you.     L.M.,

 Hi Stuart, We received the picture yesterday and it is
perfect! We both love how it turned out. … By the way, I have told many people about
your site, including the web group that I subscribe to for dogs who have [our pet’s
illness]. Another person also had ordered with you and was quite happy also, and a number
of others looked at your site and were impressed. Thanks for the great job you did for us,
and keep up the good work!      S. & E. M., Indiana

Stuart, I absolutely love it! Add "graphic artist" to your list of skills and
talents. …Thank so much.    C.L., Texas

thanks again for your condolences & service! …Again feel free to use my design in
your advertising…i have an intuition most think people like me crazy, the other half
understand… & you help that half feel better! Thanks again, K.J.R., Tennessee

Stuart,  First, I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful job you did with
the montage. My mother absolutely loves it. … Second, I would love to see the montage on
your website…      J.K., New Jersey

Hi Stuart, Just wanted to let you know that [the memorial] arrived yesterday and she is
beautiful. Thank you so much for all the time, effort and patience you put into this
memorial for my sister. I’ll find a beautiful frame for it and I know my sister will
treasure it always. Thanks again, S.J., Florida

HI STU   Got [our pet’s] pictures in mail last night. they were great. i
can not thank you enough. it was however a tearful event when i gave them to [my wife].
she was overwhelmed, she said to say thank you so much. she wanted me to pass on to you
that you have our permission to use [our pet’s] memorial on your web site. it turned
out so well. we will be passing your name on to our friends. again thank you so
much.   J.L., Michigan

Stuart,  Received [my pet’s] Memorial today–it’s beautiful–so special, just
like he was. Thank you very much for doing such a lovely job. And thank you for all your
prompt responses, etc.  You did good.    G.S., Illinois

Hi Stuart. Your shipment arrived today in great shape. In fact, it is already in the frame
and fits perfectly and looks FANTASTIC! It’s sure to bring [my wife] to tears but will be
an item that she’ll cherish forever. I can’t get over how easy you were to work with and
really appreciate all the extra time you spent making adjustments and answering my
questions. … Good Luck as I hope your business continues to grow and as I stated
earlier, I would be happy to recommend your services to anybody in need. Thanks a bunch!
Best regards,   S.F., Illinois

This is a wonderful service you offer to those of us that are looking to preserve our
babies by locking their essence in a photograph…. I am truly appreciative of your skill
and more important of your interpersonal skills with your clients… Thank you again.. and
I wish you and your family the best….    A.M.F., California

I just received it….And it brought tears to my eyes…It is more wonderful than I even
imagined it even having seen it on the example that you emailed to me… it will become a
permanent fixture in our home and a permanent reminder of all the great times we had with
our dog/daughter. Thanks again for all your help.   K.H., Maryland

Hi Stu,   The invitations arrived this morning, and they look great! I’m now
busy preparing to send them out … I enjoyed working with you as well! Take good care!
     K.S., Florida

Thank you so much. I love it, it looks just like his fathers picture which is what I wanted.
I don’t know how to thank you for you effort in making it look just like his fathers.
Thanks again.      N.P., Pennsylvania